How to Keep Track of All Your Vegetable Plants, Flowers, Fruit Trees and more!

How do you keep track of all your garden vegetables, flowers, shrubs, fruit trees to your indoor house plants, My Oh My, from season to season? Can’t remember what was planted or where a particular bulb was? Did you tell yourself you’ll remember where everything is planted? YES, I thought so! Now your digging up a bulb or two or three before realizing oops that’s where they are, and you say to yourself, I thought I’d remember. Do you open your plant identifier, take a picture on your phone and realize oh… that’s what that plant is! Have you every planted your flower bed and wished you would’ve planted it differently because after they bloomed the color scheme wasn’t quite right! What if you could lay it out before you plant it? How about your vegetable beds, would you have planted them differently because one area gets more sun? What if there is an easier way to keep track of all your gardening treasures? We’ll there is and you can…. It’s called Journaling!  Garden Journals have been out there for years so why aren’t we using them? They’re not convenient, not enough places for information, too time consuming? Just haven’t found the right one? We’ll here’s one to try! The Happy Home Gardeners Journal, Planner and Logbook. Let this easy to use journal, guide you from season to season with plant profiling, design layout, notes on what worked and what didn’t and record what fresh veggies and fruits were harvested. With this journal, you’ll be thanking yourself today, next season and beyond.